Pachinko 10 million times simulation

Pachinko 10 million times simulation. I want to make sure that "Is it easy to hit a machine that rounds a lot without hitting? What is the distribution graph of the number of rounds and hits?" If there is a 1/319 chance of winning, count the number of times until you get a win, and reset it to zero if you get a win. Perform this repetition 10 million times and check the rotation speed and hit distribution on the graph. In addition, we will check the likelihood of winning by simulation and probability theory.

Save JPEG image to GoogleDrive[GAS] with ESP32 and OV2640 (Overview and Google Setting)

Using ESP32 and OV2640, I will introduce electronic work and a program that saves JPEG images captured by the camera to GoogleDrive. And I will introduce how to use the Google App Script[GAS]. This post will explain the overall overview and Google cloud settings. The software is posted separately.

Easy to use AmazonPolly with just a web browser (Javascript)

How to use the reading software AmazonPolly with just a web browser without a server. Almost free for one year (up to 5 million/1 million words) We will introduce a sample that uses reading software only on a web page using the AWS Javascript SDK. In addition, it supports not only English and Japanese, but almost all major languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.

Google Cloud Cloud APIs [GoogleDrive for Arduino program]

How to set up the Google Cloud to use the Cloud APIs for your program. [In this case, GoogleDrive for Arduino program] In order to use OAuth2, we will finally get a Refresh Token for Program.