Thorough understanding of AI in 10 minutes

We will thoroughly understand from the basics of AI to deep learning in about 10 minutes. We will understand from the basics of AI to its history, machine learning, and deep learning.

Add Camera to Refrigerator with M5Stack-TimerCamera (Saved on GoogleDrive)

Use M5Stack-TimerCamera to add a camera function to your refrigerator. The captured image is saved in GoogleDrive, and you can check the image in the refrigerator even when you are away from home. Using ReedSwitch, image acquisition and GoogleDrive storage are performed with the opening and closing of the door as a trigger.

M5Stack-TimerCamera saves images to Google Drive on a regular basis and on time

Using M5Stack-TimerCamera, acquire images with the camera at regular intervals or on time and save them to Google Drive. TimerCamera of M5Stack is a product that uses a microcomputer ESP32 and camera OV3660. Create a program that synchronizes time using NTP and performs periodic and scheduled startup.

Post image to LINE with ESP32 [M5Stack-TimerCamera]

We will do electronic work to post the image taken with the camera to LINE. The product to be used is M5Stack's TimerCamera (ESP32 built-in). Implement HTTPS (TLS) client and LINE posting function in this product.

Watch videos on your smartphone [M5Stack TimerCamera]

We will do electronic work to watch the video taken by the camera on the web browser of the smartphone. The product to be used is TimerCamera of M5Stack. This product implements a web server and distribution server to realize video distribution.

Smart Remote Controller (smartphone from outdoors, AI speaker cooperation)

We are making smart remote controls. This is the final of the 7 sessions, and we will be able to operate home appliances from the outside using a smartphone and link with an AI speaker. Any home appliance that can be controlled by a normal remote control, such as lighting, TVs, and air conditioners, can be used. For development, we will use Arduino and ESP32 to realize it.