IoT camera production using ESP32 and OV2640 [Hardware]

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1. Overview

Using ESP32 and OV2640, I do electronic work and a program that saves JPEG images captured by the camera to GoogleDrive. In this case, I use the GoogleDrive API [API].

Outline: Please see “Save JPEG image to GoogleDrive[API] with ESP32 and OV2640 (Overview)

There are three major works as follows.

Details are provided below.

2. Electric Work [Hardware]

2-1. Use goods

Use goods are below.

1) ESP32-DevKitC
2) Camera [OV2640]
3) Green LED
4) Resistor 200Ω (In this case)
5) Jumper Wire male-female (10cm)
6) Bread-Board [EIC-3901] (6 holes * 30 lines * 2 sides + 24 holes * 2 lines)

This type of Breadboard[EIC-3901] is not standard(Left picture), So it might be difficult to get this. The standard type has 2 power lines(right picture).

So, any Bread-board or ESP32-DevKit is OK. If you use another type of breadboard and ESP32-DevKit, it can be used as follow examples.

2-2. Circuit diagram

The Circuit diagram is below. It will be an electronic work that mainly connects the camera(OV2640) and ESP32.
A green LED is not required, it is an option. This is attached to display the status of IoT equipment such as wireless connection status.

This is the same Circuit diagram as M5Stack UnitCam. Please refer to the Schematic section.

2-3. wiring

The electronic work that performed wiring is as follows. A breadboard is used for wiring.
Please refer to the following and wire according to the circuit diagram.

When the ESP32 is started, the D0 port is connected to GND, so it can be started in writing mode and software can be written. If you can’t write software to ESP32, use the Jumper-Wire between D0 and GND.

Using this work, write the software in the next section.


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