Smart Remote Controller (Overview)

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1. Overview

We will use ESP32 to make a smart remote control.
We will work electronically with LEDs and infrared transmission and reception sensors, and make it possible to operate smartphones and cooperate with AI speakers as IoT terminals.
This time it will be an overview, so please refer to the following URL for specific work.

2. Overall production flow

Since a lot of content is required to make a smart remote control, we will divide the content into 7 parts and distribute the videos in order.
This post is an “overview”, so The actual electronic work will be after the next post.

1OverviewOverall flow, system configuration, items used,
reasons for selection, development environment, etc.
This Post
2Green LEDLearn the basics for beginners. We will make “L blinking” that lights up and blinks the LED.Another Post
3Infrared receiving sensorDescription of infrared receiving sensor Schematic to Wiring, Software
4Infrared transmission LEDInfrared transmission LED description
Schematic to Wiring, Software
5LED operation with smartphone(at home)We will create software to operate the LED with smartphone. (Web server function, SPIFFS operation)
6Remote control with smartphone(at home)We will create software that to operate the remote control with smartphone indoors. (Button name, signal save/read)
7Operate from outside And AI speaker cooperationWe will create software to operate the remote control with smartphone from the outdoors, and AI speaker cooperation.

3. System Operation Image

As shown in the figure, there are two main routes.
Direct indoor communication and outdoor communication via IFTTT and beebotte.
I will explain the details in the next and subsequent videos, so I hope you can understand that this time we will finally build such content.

4. The development environment

Arduino was developed in Italy under the philosophy of “making things easier and easier to understand”.
Currently, it is widely used for learning all over the world, and the library is also substantial.
So, if you want to start electronic work, I think this is the only development environment.
Therefore, I use Arduino at this time.

Reference. List of Parts

Here is a list of the items we are currently using.
There are Japanese and English lists separated by tabs.

Document [at youtube]


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